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Conflict of Commitment

Conflict of Commitment (COC)

A Conflict of Commitment occurs when an employee of the university engages in an outside activity that burdens or interferes with their fulfillment of primary commitments and obligations to the university, even if the outside activity is valuable to the university or contributes to their professional development and competence.

Irrespective of dollar amount, a reporter's external commitments or financial interests with an external entity could constitute a conflict of commitment, such as employment, service or consulting; or intellectual property or licensing.

Review of COC

Information relevant to conflicts of commitment and non-research-related conflict of interest is distributed to the units, which have responsibility for identifying and managing all such conflicts.

The unit head, per the University Conflicts Policy, is responsible for addressing issues involving conflicts of commitment and non-research-related conflicts of interest.

Each member has an obligation to cooperate fully in the review of the pertinent facts and circumstances. The dean or director shall make a determination which resolves and removes the conflict or appearance of conflict.

Discussions with the unit administrator and/or the dean should include consideration of whether an individual's role in an external agency needs to be declared or made known to other members of the University community to protect confidentiality or to guard against the transfer of privileged information.

fCOI Main > Conflict of Commitment