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Financial Conflicts of Interest Committee Members

The Financial Conflicts of Interest Committee (FCOIC) has authority for reviewing external commitments and financial interests reported under the Financial Conflict of Interest Related to Research Policy (1.7) in order to identify real or apparent financial conflicts of interest related to research.

The FCOIC reviews reported information, requests additional material as needed, identifies real or apparent financial conflicts of interest, devises an appropriate plan to manage the conflict, communicates the plan to the research personnel, and monitors compliance with the plan.

The FCOIC is appointed by the Vice Provost for Research (VPR) and includes as voting members no fewer than seven members of the Ithaca faculty chosen from both the endowed and contract colleges. The committee also includes, in a non-voting status, university administrators, including representatives from the Office of Research Integrity and Assurance, Office of Sponsored Programs, Center for Technology Licensing, and the Office of University Counsel. The VPR appoints one of the voting members to serve as chair of the FCOIC.

Currently, the following individuals are serving as FCOIC Members:

Voting Members
Maurine Linder, Professor and Chair, Molecular Medicine (FCOI Committee Chairperson)
Alex Colvin, Professor, Labor Relations, Law & History
H. Floyd Davis, Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Gerald Feigenson, Professor, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Christopher Ober, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Farhan Rana, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Syed Rizvi, Professor, Food Science
Marjolein van der Meulen, Professor and Chair, Biomedical Engineering
Harold van Es, Professor, Crop and Soil Sciences

Non-Voting Members
Emmanuel Giannelis, Vice Provost for Research, Office of the Provost
Mary-Margaret Klempa, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
Alice Li, Executive Director, Center for Technology Licensing
Pat McClary, Deputy University Counsel

Amita Verma, Director, Office of Research Integrity and Assurance