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Report Review Process

Under the financial Conflicts of Interest Related to Research Policy, the Financial Conflicts of Interest Committee (FCOIC) has authority for reviewing external commitments and financial interests reported under this policy, in order to identify real or apparent financial conflicts of interest related to research.

The FCOIC reviews reported information, requests additional material as needed, identifies real or apparent financial conflicts of interest, devises an appropriate plan to manage the conflict, communicates the plan to the research personnel, and monitors compliance with the plan.

The FCOIC is appointed by the Senior Vice Provost for Research (SVPR) and includes as voting members no fewer than seven members of the Ithaca faculty chosen from both the endowed and contract colleges. The committee also includes, in a non-voting status, university administrators, including representatives from the Office of Research Integrity and Assurance, Office of Sponsored Programs, Cornell Center for Technology, Enterprise and Commercialization, and the Office of University Counsel. The SVPR appoints one of the voting members to serve as chair of the FCOIC.

The Office of Research Integrity and Assurance includes staff responsible for providing administrative support to the FCOIC ("FCOI administrators") and other key functions necessary to the execution of this policy and procedures. FCOI administrators: (1) coordinate the reporting and collection of annual and event-based reports of external commitments and financial interests; (2) provide administrative support to the FCOIC; (3) conduct a preliminary review of reports to assess completeness, consult with the reporters and others as required to obtain clarifications and additional information required for making a FCOI determination, (4) exempt from review those reports that do not present a significant financial conflict of interest related to research, (5) facilitate an expedited review of reports that present a common type of conflict that can be managed through standard measures such as disclosure to a journal.

Financial Conflicts of Interest Committee (FCOIC) Review

The FCOIC and its administrators in ORIA are responsible for reviewing reports, collecting additional required information, identifying financial conflicts of interest, and determining required management plans. Under the guidance of the FCOIC, FCOI administrators review all report files to make the preliminary determination as to whether the report file shall be processed as follows:

  • Exemption from Review: No real or apparent financial conflict of interest exists and hence the report does not require further consideration.
  • Expedited Review: External commitments and financial interests pose real or apparent financial conflicts of interests that can be easily addressed by standard management plan measures (e.g., disclosure of the interest to journal publishers).
  • Full Committee Review: External commitments and financial interests exist that pose real or apparent financial conflicts of interests that require full FCOIC review to develop an appropriate management plan.
fCOI Main > Review Process